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Cardano’s ADA: Vassal Hard Fork is coming

The time again the possibility that there could be a problem with the merge is why I hold a handful of so-called Ethereum killers as part of my portfolio.

this includes Cardano’s ADA which looks to be better positioned than ever to play the role as an ETH hedge.

this is because Cardano’s developers have confirmed a date for the highly anticipated Vassal Hard Fork.

as per a Twitter thread by input output the Vassal Hard Fork is now scheduled for the 22nd of September which will be roughly one week after Ethereum’s own massive upgrade.

for those unfamiliar the Vassal Hard Fork is expected to significantly improve Cardano’s scalability.

specifically it will increase Cardano’s block size so that more transactions can fit in each block and make it possible for developers to analyze transaction outputs without having to spend these outputs.

Cardano’s novel transaction model though secure created concurrency challenges for smart contracts and decentralized applications which resulted in sub-optimal user experiences.

put simply it made Cardano daps slow the ability for developers to effectively simulate transactions on Cardano before they occur should therefore make it possible for their dapps to provide the same sort of user experience we’ve become accustomed to on other smart contract cryptocurrencies.

this is why ADA has been rallying so hard over the last few days and why it could continue to rally even after the Vassal Hard Fork is complete and ADA could rally even harder if there are any significant issues on Ethereum as a result of the merge.

now the Caveat is that it’s not entirely clear just how much Vassal will affect the user experience on Cardana’s growing number of daps and I say this because Cardano developers noted in a June update that the effect of the Vassal Hard Fork on Cardano will quote not be immediate.

more recently Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson seemed to tacitly reiterate that the Vessel Hard Fork will not result in an increased scalability that can be felt by the end user as he focused on the security and quality of transactions on Cardano rather than their speed in the context of Vassal.

what this means is that Vassal could very well end up being another Zelda news event like the Alonzo Hard Fork last September when ADA wales sold when they realized that Cardano’s smart contract functionality had failed to meet their high expectations namely the instant deployment of dApps.

to be clear I am not saying that this will happen again but even if it does addis crash will not be nearly as catastrophic.

as you can hopefully see 30 cents seems to be a very strong zone of price support for ADA and plummeting there from these levels would result in a loss of roughly 50 percent.

conversely ADA could rally as high as 80 cents in the short term and the research that I did for our upcoming Cardano update over the weekend suggests to me that this outcome is more likely.



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